my speech starts from 43:06

I was really really nerveous! but thank god I got an A in this course

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إنني امرأة

I got alot of comments of why not publishing my Arabic writings to tumblr. well this is my first try.

The story is, I used to write all my writings in a small notebook 8 years ago. but I ended up burning it and stop writing for a while. I can assure you that the reasons are silly if I mentioned them. but Alhamdulla I will do my best in writing what I think of again. 

"إنني امرأة.. بكل مقاييس الحياة..

إنني امرأة .. لا حق لك في تشكيكي..

إنني اليوم أقف أمامك.. و غبار القلق يتناثر على تلايا وجهك..

إنني أقف .. و شعور التحدي تولّد في عيناي.. أكاد أقسم أني أرى انعكاس شراراتي في عيناك..

إنني امرأة .. تباً لحجتك الوحيدة „

 تبأ لـ”عــيب”ـك فأنا لا يحكمني غير ديـني..

فأنت بكل قسوة.. تتحاشى ذكر اسمي .. وأدت فخري بكوني “أنــا”..

لا أقوى على اعتلاء منصة عار المجتمع.. فأنتم من نصبتموها..

عار عليك لإعدام آمالاً لتخطي حدود الممكن..

فانظر إلي.. بل انظر بكل جوارحك.. كيف سأتخطى المستحيل!!

فأنا لا عين أعمت بصيرتها عن قدرتها..

و لا أذن أطاعت انتقاداتك الواهية..

ولا لساناً عجز عن القول: إنني امرأة .. بكل مقاييس الحياة!”

We Need To Change Birthday Songs NOW!

29 of April is a very significant date in my life because its the day I was born in it.

The funny thing is, I am not anxious about this day because the only thing  I am not looking forward to is that boring birthday song!

I thought Birthdays are all about making special moments and memories in every second. What happened to that???

Have you ever felt bored when you sang this song to one of your friends? I know each one of you, deep down inside your hearts you wanted to get thru this as fast as you want because you felt it is like a job you had to do, well breaking news fellows, we are not working in TGI Fridays to be obliged to do that!

FYI, The combination of melody and lyrics in “Happy Birthday to You” first appeared in 1912, and probably existed even earlier

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, “Happy Birthday to You” is the most recognized song in the world,! How boring is that?

Personally, among my family and friends, I am the black sheep when it comes to singing this song.  You will always find me singing in another tone to stand out or to be unforgotten, I seem sometimes silly or even crazy but they will always remember my way of singing this song. They always remember me as the one who gave them “A BIRTHDAY SONG AS A GIFT”

It doesn’t matter if you have a horrible voice or a voice like Adele, It will be sweet enough just to try.

I’m not telling you to stop singing this song, but adding your touch and your personal magic in it makes it very special and unforgettable to that person.

So go for it, sing your own birthday songs, live the moment, act stupid like those guys in the video, be childish because you will want to have these kinds of memories when you look back 20 years later.

“I really enjoy reading your thoughts and opinions. Glad I stumbled upon your tumblr! :-)”

Thank you, I’m glad you liked it and inshalla it will be awesomer when I publish my new stuff :D

Going to start my own Tumblr writings :D

Going to start my own Tumblr writings :D

TEDxYouth@Jumeirah Bicycle Campaign (by TEDxYouthJum)

It is such a great experience participating in the #TEDxCyclists campaign for @TEDxYouthJUM event that will be in few short days. I learned that in order to be different, act different. this is a way of us being different in promoting our event!

That One Thing I Can’t Handle….

As a young lady who lived 19 years and raised in an Arab society, As a female in My family, I have lived enough to know the difference between me and my male siblings, and how I have to accept the word “3aib” to many things that even religion didn’t prohibited it to females. Oh yes! The word “3aib” that nasty ugly word, that everybody fear it till it killed many talents many careers to us just because they don’t want to become the first. Well! As a teenage-almost-an adult, my point of view that society members fears to be the first because they cannot handle themselves to be criticized by other, but if it started to be common among others, even if it doesn’t have any meaning but eventually this action will be encouraged to be done by the same people who criticized it. A very simple example among women, few years ago very few ladies started to change their eyebrow’s shape as a “Gaisha” when the last part of your eyebrows is cut off so it can be like …. I don’t know maybe a straight line. Anyhow, this shape made a lot of “7ashra” among the two sexes and started to criticize it as a very weird shape. But nowadays you can see that it’s very common and won’t make any difference if you even shaped your eyebrows as the Nike logo!

It doesn’t matter what you make or do, as long as you’re not the first one who made this action or you will be that weird, with no manners, or questioning my localness because obviously I have to be raised as that girl who says “inshallah” to everything is said.  In the same Case, My parents have decided that none of female members should get a driver’s lenience because they said so. And with no reason my sister and I had to face this thing and try to manage ourselves to arrange my appointments with the driver so he can be free to take us or else I should cancel whatever I’m doing even if it’s my mid-term exam.

The One thing I can’t Handle it is that my family gives me many responsibilities to help in the house more than my brothers, and they rely on me in doing many stuff. In this I AM PURE ADULT to them. But I suddenly become STILL A CHILD when it comes to having a driver’s licenses to help them and myself. Well! I can never deny that my family provided me and my sister so many things (thank god for having them) but I wish this fear on me to be critized or God forbid I had an accident they know I can handle myself to face society.Now many of you will think that my issue is not of a big deal, but I’m pretty sure that many young ladies are having the same problem in other issues.

 I think the only difference between me and that Saudian women out there is they are struggling to have a driver’s licenses from the government itself and I’m opposed by my own parents.

I don’t know why I’m writing this post, I’ll probably laugh few years later when I get my driver’s licenses. WHICH I WILL GET!

“I admire a woman who builds her future whether she gets married or not. That’s how are woman should be like.”
—Mohd Bin Ghulaita  @Embegee 


Lochal Boyat. OH MY GOD BOYAT!! 

 LOOOOL this is story of my life when I attended the uni gym XD


Lochal Boyat. OH MY GOD BOYAT!! 

 LOOOOL this is story of my life when I attended the uni gym XD

my 5 years old cousin's reaction while watching Sali's very old cartoon
  • Me: awaih 3awashi shoofi 7a6een SALI on TV :D
  • 3awashi: Sali 7ayawanih -.-
  • Me: laish? :O
  • 3awashi: 3ashan he youm tseer elsoug tishtri a'3ra'6 trms wya elwalad peter elli 3ndih 79an w tit2a55ar 3al '3da
  • Me: *an inner wtf!* :|

its my best poem of all time ,

its gives me goosebumps everytime I hear it. I felt his pain of a broken heart <\3

My trip with my collage friends to Ferrari Wold in Abu Dhabi , call me a teenager but I have much more fun when I go to my friends than my family  to the same place. acting crazy, running and laughing is never so &#8220;3AIB&#8221; with them!
To me! Friends are like kisses blown to me by angels &lt;3

My trip with my collage friends to Ferrari Wold in Abu Dhabi , call me a teenager but I have much more fun when I go to my friends than my family  to the same place. acting crazy, running and laughing is never so “3AIB” with them!

To me! Friends are like kisses blown to me by angels <3

“I don’t aim for fame, but to have this positive influence on so many”
wisdom from Maitha Hamdan
LoaLash Much?

As Yves Saint Laurant once said,

 “Fashion come and go, but style is forever”

 is a very wise sentence should every Local women in UAE take it for granted and apply it on her for the rest of her life. You can clearly see how the fashion designers are flourished by their businesses specially in Abayas, and most of the designs are inspired by UAE traditional customs which it contains a lot of gold , lots of colors and pretty much a bit exaggerating from the westerns point of view. I think it is good to develop the designs of the Abayas to exceed from a local range to global (or maybe nationally) and how UAE women designers represent the Arab’s fashion to the world.

      Moreover, I can’t say that this developing didn’t make any side effects or sever damages on some of Emirati women taste. I mean its good to have different taste in fashion, it makes you unique, special and elegant. But come on ladies, you need a tough love or a slap from reality to know the difference between standing out and getting attention as a moving jewelry shop. Some of women (allah yihdeehom) add all the rainbow colors on almost 75% of the Abaya which makes it pretty much a ready to wear dress, or adding these 1000 big Chrystal for a going to mall Abaya is not the greatest choice since you’re not going to a wedding to brag about it. And yes! Another thing is you’re not in a football team to a matching Abaya design with your friends, believe me it is nothing but a way to be made fun of and it shows your insecurity of what you wear.

      When I speak for myself, it makes me ashamed to even wear an Abaya when I see those kind women walking in Malls, colleges, or even souqs. I don’t say be the exact same to those wear highly fashioned Abaya’s but be the most elegant with adding little things which makes a lot of difference, to be more respected by others, more professional in working areas, believe me! As a sister who cares a lot of her country! Even fashion in UAE is considered one of the most reflective appearance to what is UAE. So you can use your imagination on Abayas, but use it wisely!


Just Saying

Non-rude-but-loving-Maitha <3

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